They’re on the cutting edge.

Urban farming 2.0: No soil, no sun


Big Box Farms is tight-lipped on just how its racks are so good, but if it can back up its boasts, the future may just be green.

The Future of Food

The Packer

Because of the shorter transportation time… the shelf life of the salad mixes will be two to three times longer than that of traditionally grown and shipped bagged salads.

NYC firm offers locally grown leafy greens nationwide

The Produce News

Product grown with the Big Box system is cleaner, with no worries about E. coli or other pathogens

Big Box Farms takes locally grown to a new level

Fresh Plaza

With an unprecedented shelf-life and the benefits of being pesticide-free, Big Box Farms is growing a revolutionary product.

Big Box Farms announces revolution in salads


Big Box Farms, a start-up in New York City, is making headlines with its revolutionary approach to both growing and marketing fresh salad products.

Innovation in Fresh Salad Products