The Revolution In Salads

Posted by: Jordan | Posted on: September 20th, 2011

Big Box Farms received coverage today in Fresh Plaza for its revolutionary approach to the salad industry. Check out the article on Fresh Plaza.

Big Box Farms announces revolution in salads

Salad thatʼs grown where itʼs eaten and delivered within 24 hours of harvest.

New York, NY, 09/19/11 – New York City-based start-up Big Box Farms is launching its breakthrough agricultural technology offering grocery retailers and food service companies the freshest packaged salad products available, sold 24 hours after being picked. With an unprecedented shelf-life and the benefits of being pesticide-free, Big Box Farms is growing a revolutionary product.

After a two-year R&D phase, which included partnerships with College of the Atlantic, National Science Foundation, and US Department of Agriculture, Big Box Farms has developed the most efficient, productive, and clean technology for leafy green vegetable production in the world. The company uses its proprietary, patent-pending technology – the Farm Rack and the Farm Hand – to bring affordable, locally grown pesticide-free packaged salad mixes to the market.

While the company is not selling its technology, it is instead building capacity as a private label and consumer packaged salads company.

The technological breakthrough allows the company to dramatically improve the salad industry, says company CEO Jordan Motzkin. “Our method allows us to grow and distribute produce close to where it’s consumed, creating local agriculture at scale. We will be selling our packaged salad mixes through our consumer brand and through custom private label options in which we build our indoor farms near distribution centers”

The companyʼs COO Sam Miller-McDonald added,

“Retailers and food service providers love the safety and reliability that we can offer, and we are able to deliver products within 24 hours after harvesting and achieve a shelf-life two to three times higher than what most retailers are getting.”

Big Box Farms has attracted some well-known advisers to the company including Chuck Weiss, who joins the company as its chairman. Chuck Weiss is a veteran of the food products industry and was in charge of a $700m division at Nabisco. As a management consultant, Mr. Weiss has worked with the premier food companies in the US, including Kraft Foods, Unilever, General Mills, Pillsbury, and Hershey Foods, among many others. Mr. Weiss said,

“Big Box Farms has a revolutionary business model and technology that allows retailers and food service providers to better meet consumer demand and make more money doing it.”