‘Cide-effect Free™

Posted by: Sam | Posted on: September 1st, 2011

We all know pesticides are bad. Many of them are bad for our bodies – they can cause cancer and affect child development – and they’re bad for the environment, polluting land and water. We take many precautions to avoid them; we wash our fruits and veggies, though it’s not always an effective way of removing pesticides. Or, if we can afford it, we buy organic produce.

After all, organic farmers cannot use synthetic pesticides on their produce, so we can avoid nasty carcinogens by eating their produce, right? Unfortunately, emerging evidence suggests that even some organic pesticides contain cancer-causing chemicals. Plus, organic pesticides still disrupt the environment – though perhaps to a lesser extent than synthetics – and contaminate land and water.

The fact is, a pesticide is a chemical intended to kill living things. If it’s sprayed on food, people will eat it. If people eat a lot of it, they will be harmed by it. Organic pesticides are less bad than synthetic pesticides, but they’re still harmful.

Big Box Farms uses no pesticides. We avoid all the negative effects of pesticides entirely.

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- Sam